Sunday, 11 May 2014

Saturday Snippets

I'm linking up with Jax Blunt from 'Live Otherwise' this week for her lovley Saturday Snippets linky. I have never done this before which seems rather daft given this is an excellent way of noting down what we have been doing - I just hope that I do it right. Here goes.

Watching : The Eurovison Song Contest. Theo stayed up to witness the fabulous affair first hand - he was both confused and entertained. I'm still reeling because the French 'Moustache' song didn't win as it was beaten by the more hirsute Austrian song proving that a full beard is preferable to a twiddly tash.

Reading: Nothing this week - shock, horror. I have 'The Book Thief' on order at the library for next week but with the week I've had I simply haven't had the time to start a new book. Theo is reading more by Rick Riordan and Tristan is obsessed by 'Stuck' by Oliver Jeffers.

Cleaning: Constantly. I read a comment on Facebook by someone who had cleaned their light fittings this week - I have been haunted by the dusty light shade in the hall ever since. Everytime I walk underneath it I feel the dust balls on the bulb eyeing me but I still haven't got the ladders out to clean it. 

Shopping: My pet hate. Everyday this week I have trundled to the local shops to by food. My husband is unable to drive because of his arm injury so I am undertaking daily shopping which is dull to say the least. 

Cooking: Urgh - again. That's all I have to say.

Wearing: Polka-dot. To say thanks for being a reasonable nurse, my hubby bought me a lovely dress. Hopefully the sun will come out again soon and I can flounce about in my fabulous full skirt.

Feeling: As if I am on a roller-coaster - happy one minute, flat as a pancake the next. Attributable to recent family bad news, my poor arm-in-a-cast husband and the raging hormones of being in my late thirties. Combatted with copious quantities of tea, chocolate and fresh green leafy veggies to counteract the former. 

Snapshot: Theo has talked about nothing but skateboarding and his new laptop. He is maturing rapidly and is growing into a lovley, witty boy who can answer me back with a silly quip and make me smile. Tristan is reading words left,right and center. He is at that darling stage where words with more than six letters are mis-read and sound adorable ' app-pool-i-goolies' rather than 'apologies' for example. It's too gorgeous.