Thursday, 8 May 2014

Homeschool Adventures - A Difficult Week

I must apologise straight away for my recent absence from blogging. As you may have read on one of my recent posts, my husband had an accident last week in which he dislocated and fractured his arm. As well as home educating the children I have been on nursing duty which has quite honestly left me feeling a little exhausted. We have also had some very bad news about a family member this week which has meant that my focus has, of course, been elsewhere. 

Our Homeschooling has been much more autonomous this week as we have all adapted to circumstances. They have both worked on their maths and English each day but they have been given the time to read, play and study independently as well. 

They both went to skateboarding lessons on Tuesday at 'Projekts MCR'.Tristan was excited but his enthusiasm disappeared when he just couldn't master the co-ordination required to skateboard successfully and instead he spent his lesson sliding down a half pipe. He isn't having any more lessons just yet and instead is working on his confidence by using his scooter more frequently at home. Some children are marvellously agile and co-ordinated from a very young age where as others take a little longer to get there. Tristan will be able to follow his brother around on a skateboard soon enough - I can't say that I'm sad to have him remain my baby for a little longer. 

Conversely, Theo was rendered speechless when he walked into the ultimate urban playground that is 'Projekts MCR'. He had to sit and watch the 4-6 year olds have their session first which was torture for him so when his time came he was padded up, with his helmet strapped on and raring to go within minutes. He zoomed around on a scooter first with the other 7-10 year old children before donning wrist protectors and grabbing a 'deck'. The tuition was great because by the end of the hour he was much faster and much more confident on the skateboard. He is having a sneaky second session this week and has five more left after that- I can see weekend visits to the skate park becoming the norm. 

We attended a home education session but classes are available at other times. It is great value and great fun plus it makes me feel much happier knowing that he has been taught how to skateboard as it removes a little of the risk from the sport. On the homeschool shopping list this week is a skateboarding beanie hat to keep his long locks in check under his helmet and I'm guessing Tristan will want one too just like his super cool big brother. 

The other big news for Theo this week has been the arrival of his new laptop. He has bought it with his own money after many weeks deliberating which laptop suits his needs. The Samsung laptop he opted for was a very good deal and is a pretty powerful machine with a great graphics card. He can code away to his hearts content now plus he will be able to write, research and play educational games without having to use his dads MacBook. 

We have been on many outdoor adventures together this week and Theo has also been playing out with his friends. Today we had a lovely walk and I kicked myself for forgetting my camera because the woods have suddenly come to life after a few days of rain. There are flowers, blossom, leaves, birds and many more freshly woken plants - it is beautiful. I must get out with my camera soon so that I can share it with you. Tristan hunted for fairies and elves under logs before wading into the stream with his brother. They began to build a damn together however it is an activity which requires much more time and today we had to return home because it began to rain very heavily. 

They have both been working on a mini project called 'About Me'. They have been thinking about who they are, what they want to be, what their likes and dislikes are and for Tristan, simple things such as his eye colour, hair colour and height. It is really interesting for Paul and I to discover more about our children - we have discovered that Theo really wants to visit Greece and Rome which we didn't know and that Tristan wants a spacesuit - oh to be four again. 

So despite my absence here things have been occurring. If I am honest the next few days are going to be difficult for us as a family so please forgive me if my posts are a little sporadic. I have been touched by some of the lovely comments which I have received recently on here and via email and I would like to thank those people for their kind words - it means a great deal to me so thank you again.

The next BIgKid linky is written and will open up on Sunday. I do hope to read about some more great resource ideas for our older children. The first link up was very successful - thank you to all the people who took part and I hope to see you on the next one.