Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Day 138 - Tim Quinn Cartoon Workshop - Marvel and Spiderman

Theo had a fantastic day!

He attended a Cartoon Workshop by Tim Quinn at our local library today. Tim was the editor of Marvel comics and also writes for The Guardian newspaper. The workshop was about the art of storytelling and included how to draw cartoons and figures. 

Tristan and I dropped Theo off at 10.30am and went for a sneaky Babychino. We spent the rest of the time in the library reading a selection of books. We had a lovely time together. 

At 11.55am we went upstairs in the library to collect Theo. The workshop was still going on which enabled me to have a quick peep at what was going on. Tim was enthusiastically telling a story to the children about time travel. The children were all engrossed. There was no fidgeting, coughing, messing or pen clicking as he had them absolutely spellbound. He is an excellent storyteller. 

Theo was taken with three other children and Tim to have some photographs taken for the local newspaper. How exciting. 

Most of the children left but Theo and a couple of others went back into the room and continued drawing. Tristan was able to join in at this point which made him incredibly happy. Tristan was awe struck when Theo explained that Tim had not only drawn Spiderman but had even had his photograph taken with him! Tristan's ambition is to BE Spiderman when he grows up so this revelation amazed him. He drew Spiderman and then asked his brother to show it to Tim. Tim drew a Spiderman mask on the drawing and signed it for him. Amazing.

Theo has done nothing but talk about the amazing Tim Quinn since the workshop. He has been inspired to draw all day which is exactly what I let him do. We spent all afternoon drawing together which was wonderful. 

Theo played piano for well over an hour and also wrote down the music for the theme tune to Cars 2 which he is working out for his brother. 

I highly recommend Tim's workshop. He is such an enthusiastic and vibrant person whose love of art really inspires children. Have a look at his website for more information about his workshops.

Our Big Draw event is on Saturday which is very exciting. I can only hope that we can inspire children to be creative as successfully as Tim did today. The event is open to any age so please come along and have a draw. The local newspaper have given us a little coverage today which is rather exciting. The boys told me that they are proud of me which makes it all so worthwhile.

It is Halloween tomorrow and I plan to do some spooky work before a having very scary evening with the children.

Prudence Clarke