Thursday, 17 October 2013

Day 125 - Lightsaber Laughter & Paper Making.

I still felt poorly this morning but staying in bed was not an option. 

Theo had a violin lesson booked for 9.30am which meant that we had to leave the house at 8.15am in order to arrive on time. The boys ate breakfast and got ready very quickly. I was a little slower! Luckily Paul gave us a lift part of the way there which made the journey there less strenuous. 

His lesson was very successful. He has another new piece which he is excited to learn for next week. 

We walked home which took us a little longer than usual as I simply ran out of energy. We arrived home at 11.15am and decided to have an early lunch. I had a cold remedy drink and felt a little better.

After lunch we set about making paper. The newspaper had completely turned to mulch which was ideal. Tristan adored the sloppy feel of the mushy newspaper and played with it for a long time.

Theo used a small piece of fabric mesh to scoop his mush onto. They squashed the mulch together with another piece of mesh to create a rectangle of mush. 

Theo then placed it in a folded tea towel and pressed it with a rolling pin to remove as much water as possible. The finished paper was then left to dry. 

The boys decided to try to make more paper using a dishcloth. I was a little surprised to find that it worked. In the end they made four pieces of paper which we will use to draw on tomorrow morning.

I took them to the park for a bit of fresh air. Tristan was fascinated by a ladybird which crawled along the climbing frame. He thought that It wanted to go down the slide.

Back at home Theo wrote the instructions for making recycled paper in his Geography book. I put on a  short film about how paper is made that I found on the Internet. They both enjoyed it. 

They both went and had a lightsaber battle in their room with their light up swords whilst I arranged another activity.

I printed out a cartoon writing template and a haunted house activity from the 'Nature Detectives' website. It really is one of my favourite resources for the boys as there is always something interesting to print off and do with them. 

Theo was delighted to be asked to draw a spooky story cartoon and became thoroughly engrossed in his task.  The cartoon is finished but not yet coloured in. He wants to do this tomorrow. 

Tristan enjoyed sticking various scary creatures to the haunted house backdrop. He told us a little story as he stuck each thing on. He was really using his imagination. He was very proud of his finished picture.

We read a couple of stories and then had dinner. 

They took themselves off to bed early tonight as they both said I needed to rest. I am so lucky. I tucked them both up in bed but once again refused to give kisses for fear of passing on my cold. I miss big hugs and kisses and can't wait until I am better so that I can make up for it! 

We have a busy day tomorrow which should be good fun. 

Prudence Clarke