Thursday, 10 October 2013

Day 118 - Swimming & Science.

We had organised a surprise for the boys today. Paul and I had hired a private swimming pool for an hour to serve as a fun PE lesson. Unfortunately Paul had to go to work which made me wish even more that he could spend more time at home with the boys and I. 

Once Paul had driven off to work and the boys upset had subsided we got ready to leave the house. They had no idea where we were going which created lots of excitement. 

We walked to the pool which is located at the end of an ordinary suburban street. Theo was very confused and could not think what activity we would be doing. We stopped in front of a single story building and they slowly realised what was inside. The look on Theo's face was brilliant! He was elated and his joy quickly spread to Tristan. We sat and waited in the small foyer as we had arrived a little early. When we finally went in to the pool after changing they were amazed to realise that the pool was entirely ours for an hour. They played with floats and rubber rings and generally had a really fun experience. I made sure that Theo used the time to do lots of swimming and work on his technique as well. Tristan wore armbands and also did a lot of swimming. It won't be long until the armbands come off. 

Paul and I have decided that we could try to book a swimming session at least once a month. This will supplement Theo's athletics and other physical activity. 

We went to a local park on the way home. The boys played in the play area for half an hour. We also found some new exercise equipment aimed at adults in the park. We all had lots of fun trying them out. 

We picked up some lunch on the way home and ate it as soon as we got in. The boys then sat under a duvet on the sofa for reading time. I joined them and whilst reading the second book to Tristan I noticed that he had fallen fast asleep. Theo continued reading his book and I caught up on some home ed group correspondence. 

After an hour the little one woke up and we all went to the table to start some work. Theo finished his Maths grids and then revised his tables again. 

Theo has finished the chapter of his English text book based on Kensuke's Kingdom. One of the last activities suggested is a discussion task about being stranded on an island. We discussed what three things we would take if we knew we would be left on an island. We had a half hour conversation about it before I asked them to each draw their three objects.

I left them to it whilst I prepared the kitchen for the next activity.

When I went back to them they had each completed the task. Tristan's items seemed unusual to say the least! Theo rather sensibly decided on tools and red t- shirts to prevent sun burn and use to signal passing ships. Much more creative than my own items of food, bottles and cling film.

We all headed into the kitchen to make tonight's dinner and complete a cheeky experiment too. I asked them to help me make the dough for our pizza bases using water, flour and yeast. I then asked Theo to explain how the yeast worked. He gave it a good go but was unable to figure it out. We did a quick experiment to explain how it works. 

I asked Tristan to add the inactive (sleeping) yeast to a bowl. He then fed it with one teaspoon of sugar and a cup of warm water. The boys then watched as the yeast fed off the sugar and started producing carbon dioxide. Theo then guessed that the bubbles of carbon dioxide are what help the dough to rise. Tristan liked the idea of the yeast 'waking up'. We all watched the bubbles forming for a few minutes before moving to look at the rising dough. 

We all sat and watched  a Youtube video about natural selection by Stated Clearly. Theo was once again fascinated. Over the weekend I plan on putting together some interesting activities based on evolution for next week. 

We went back to the kitchen and set about making the pizza. Theo rolled the dough and together the boys selected various toppings. I asked them to see if any of the toppings were on the French posters in the kitchen and when they found a few I asked them to pronounce them for me. 

The pizza looked great when it came out of the oven and tasted great too!

Theo practiced his piano pieces for a while after dinner. 

Tristan sat and made a book for his brother which I thought was a beautiful idea. He drew pictures on each page and read the story he had 'written' about a dinosaur to Theo. Theo pretended to be very scared which made Tristan giggle hysterically. 

When Paul arrived home he was greeted like the returning hero by the boys because they were so thankful for their swimming trip. They all sat together and chatted until it was bed time.

They are tucked up under lots of blankets and duvets tonight as the weather has turned chilly. Tomorrow we have a Home ed meet up which will be fun. We will be looking at lots of books for Children's Book Week. I will tell you all about it tomorrow. 

Prudence Clarke