Sunday, 15 September 2013

Day 93 & Day 94 - Meccano & Mud.

We have had a lovely weekend. It was wonderful to see our very good friend. The boys are very close to him and were delighted to spend time with him. Tristan just wanted to hug him all the time which was adorable.

Theo attended his music centre on Saturday morning. He was very excited to get back to playing in the orchestra after the summer break. He was there all morning. He received his certificate for his grade 2 exam as well as the comment sheet. We are very proud of him.

Paul and our friend attended a stag party on Saturday afternoon. The boys and I took advantage of the great weather and headed out for an afternoon adventure to collect conkers. 

Theo has new wellies which enabled us to wade around in the stream. The boys had a great time splashing about. They collected lots of conkers. Tristan found a giant one which caused a great commotion. It was a brilliant afternoon.

Our friend had brought presents with him for the boys. Tristan was over the moon to receive a garage and a bus of strange, small creatures with wheels. Theo simply exclaimed 'awesome' when he unwrapped a giant box of Meccano.

Sunday was spent playing. Paul and Theo managed to construct a motorbike from the Meccano. 
Tristan played with his new toys all day. 

It has been a splendid weekend only marred by our friend having to leave to return home. Tristan cried when he left which was heart breaking. He is a very dear friend and we can not wait to see him and his family again very soon. 

Prudence Clarke