Sunday, 29 September 2013

Day's 103 - 108 - Holidays, Birthdays & LEGO.

We are having a lovely time enjoying our family holiday this year. Although we have decided to stay based at home we have been having lots of fun.

At the beginning of the week we had a day trip to Ramsbottom. We had wanted to take the boys on the steam train but it was not running. The boys spent all of their pocket money in a lovely sweet shop which made them very happy. We had fish and chips at an old fashioned chip shop and then made our way home. 

We have adventured all around our local woodland. The boys have really enjoyed showing their dad all of their favourite places. They have hunted for conkers together and found secret hiding places. Paul has taken them out and played ball games with them everyday which has thrilled them. 

We have driven to a few local places of interest and played together in the sunshine. 

Theo and Paul have spent lots of time learning together. Paul has shown him some of the basics of using Photoshop on the computer and they have discussed various scientific topics. 

The big event was Theo's 9th birthday. He had a super day. He received boxes and boxes of LEGO as well as many other toys and books. He spent the entire day building LEGO models with his dad. It was  wonderful to all be together on his birthday. 

We went to the park and had a great game of birthday tig before heading home for dinner and birthday cake. Blissful.

Over the weekend the boys have been constructing their cardboard creation for the Cardboard Challenge next weekend. Paul has been on hand to help with some tricky cutting out. Their final model is pretty cool and good fun to play. We are all looking forward to the actual event as it should be lots of fun.

We have planned an extremely exciting and fun packed adventure for the week ahead. All lessons are suspended at the moment as this is our 'summer' holiday. I won't be writing a daily blog this week but I will fill you in on all our adventures at the end of the week. Once our vacation has ended I will get back to providing daily updates and updating our resources too!

Prudence Clarke