Thursday, 25 July 2013

Day 44 - Death & Definitions.

It was a day of deep conversations after the discovery of a dead bird in the park this morning. I found myself explaining the cycle of life to Tristan who was very curious about the stillness of the poor lifeless bird. 

We followed the usual morning routine and after breakfast headed straight to the library. Theo found an Edward Lear book of nonsense poems. He sat and read these in the library laughing aloud at some of the fabulous limericks. He chose to take out 'The Jaberwocky' and a book of dinosaur themed poems. 

Tristan loves to put books back in the correct location in the library using the letters on the spine to help. It is a great game to help him with learning the alphabet.

After a brief visit to the newsagents we returned home where Theo got straight down to some maths. He worked through some word based problems and also completed two timed exercises.

Tristan completed some shape colouring exercises.

Theo practiced his violin for half an hour. Tristan played along on the piano. 

We had a morning break in the park. When we arrived Theo immediately spotted a dead bird. Both boys were fascinated. Theo commented on the peaceful expression on its face and suggested which predator may have killed it. Tristan was curious about why it was not moving. I had to sit and explain that the bird had died. He wanted to know if it would move again and I explained that it would not move ever again. He seemed to understand to some extent. He went off to play. As we were leaving Tristan went to the dead bird and said "arh, poor bird".  Confronting death is never easy but I think it is essential that the children are aware of it.

Back at home Theo completed an English exercise about gender nouns. He found it very straightforward.

Tristan played with his 'stickly' bricks whilst I made lunch.

I gave Theo a spelling test next. He had been given the spellings to learn on Friday. He managed to get nine correct out of ten. I had chosen the vocabulary to link to his science topic and to extend the spelling activity I asked him to find and write the definitions of the words in his science book. This went very well as he enjoys research activities.

We returned to the park and had lots of fun. Tristan noticed that the bird had gone and asked why. Theo and I explained that it had most probably been carried off by a cat although someone could possibly have chosen to bury it. He ran off to play and no further questions have been asked about the birds demise. 

Grandma and Grandad came for a pre arranged visit later in the afternoon and they brought lovely gifts for the boys. Everyone had a very good time. 

We all had dinner and went to the park for the evening. Paul was working late and was missed by the boys. They did have lots of fun though with all their friends. All the children had ice creams together in the sunshine and it was just lovely. 

We returned home at 8pm and Paul arrived home soon after. He spent a little time talking to them about their day and helped to get them ready for bed. 

It was a good day although tinged with a little sadness. 

Prudence Clarke