Thursday, 18 July 2013

Day 37 - Scabs & Schooling.

Today we managed to get back into our home schooling routine. Theo still could not walk properly but he was able to have the dressing removed from his arm. His injury on his arm has scabbed over nicely but it does look rather grim. The only issue with having the scab uncovered is that he is unable to rest it on anything as the area is still bruised and tender. It makes writing difficult for him and although he managed to do some written work today it was not easy for him. I amended my lesson plan when I realised he would struggle with too much writing.

Paul went off to work early again. Theo went on the summer reading challenge website for quite some time and created a list of books he would like to read. When I looked at his list I realised that he had taken his titles from the 11, 12 & 13+ year old sections. He showed me the younger book lists and I agreed that they were far too easy for him. It looks as though he would like to read the 'Artemis Fowl' series by Eoin Colfer  or the 'Percy Jakson' series by Rick Riordan after he has finished the 'Harry Potter' series by J.K Rowling.

Tristan arrived home at 9.30am recounting tales about his time in the paddling pool at his Grandma's house. When his Grandparents left he cried his eyes out. He really had a lovely time with them and he is hoping that they will let him stay again soon.

Theo managed to sit himself at the table and completed the next addition exercise in his maths book. He did very well even with his sore arm.

Tristan coloured in the numbers 1 - 4 and then drew the correct number of apples next to each number. He did this very well. He went on to colour in a series of pictures telling the story of Jack and Jill. He then cut out the pictures and stuck them to paper in the correct order. He finds these activities very enjoyable.

I had planned for Theo to write a story plan based on one of the competition titles on the summer challenge but his arm was hurting too much to continue with any more written work. Instead we read the story introductions on the computer and he picked the story that he would like to complete. He talked about his idea for how he will finish the tale and he agreed that he will write his plan down tomorrow. He sat and read 'The Tales of Beedle the Bard' by J.K. Rowling whilst Tristan finished his worksheet.

Both boys were desperate to get out to the park in the gorgeous sunshine. I decided to give them lunch at home and then I sat Theo in the pram and pushed him to the park. Tristan trotted along beside us. Theo sat and read his book for half an hour in the shade and Tristan ran around playing. Theo felt much better being out in the fresh air although sad that he could not run about like his brother.

At home I read through French numbers with Theo and gave him a photocopied sheet to stick into his book. I also gave him a small activity to complete by reading the French instructions in order to colour the balloons in the correct colour. He enjoyed this. 

Tristan completed a page in his diary. He drew a picture of himself in the paddling pool at his Grandma's house. He told me what to write and he then traced over the words.

Our final activity was based on the dinosaur History topic. I simply asked Theo to decide which dinosaur he would like to draw by looking through some of the books we have on the subject. I then asked him to draw the dinosaur in his book to create a topic title page. He read all about the chosen dinosaur and also wrote some interesting facts about it on the page. Tristan was given a dinosaur page to colour in. He really worked hard and created a beautiful piece of work.

I was impressed with the work that Theo managed to produce today. He is certainly not feeling wonderful yet he got down to work without moaning at all. 

They both played piano or a while. Theo stuck little stickers on certain piano keys for Tristan so that he could play the first few notes of the Harry Potter theme. 

After dinner I wheeled Theo back to the park with Tristan helping to push the pram. Tristan played with three of his little friends whilst Theo sat and watched from the swing. Paul came straight to the park after finishing work  and talked to Theo for a while in the evening sunshine before driving him home. Tristan and I followed soon after.

The boys were in bed by 7pm. Theo read his book for an hour before falling asleep. Tristan sang himself to sleep which was delightful to hear.

I fell asleep again whilst writing this blog which is why I am only posting it this morning. I think the unusually hot weather is responsible. Theo has been reading for a hour already and Tristan is playing the piano. Once the garden has been watered we will get down to work starting with English.

Prudence Clarke