Saturday, 13 July 2013

Day 31 & Day 32 - Disaster, Dinosaurs & Delight.

I must apologise for not updating the blog yesterday. The evening was spent resolving a problem with the bedroom window which left no time for writing. 

Yesterday started with the usual breakfast followed by plant watering routine. Theo completed his maths exercise whilst Tristan and I busied ourselves in the garden. He enjoyed his piece of work as it was about binary numbers again. He has come up with a plan for making a pretend computer from a box that will display changeable binary code. We will have a go at making this over the weekend.

Tristan fell in love with one of the roses and stood talking to it for quite a while. He asked it what it needed and if it was happy.

For his English lesson I decided to let Theo continue reading his book. He was pleading with me to allow him to just read and as I am desperate to keep his enthusiasm for reading alive it was appropriate to let him.

Tristan completed two worksheets. He traced the letter 'p' and coloured in the picture on the first sheet and on the second he coloured in the objects that could be orange. 

We went to the library for an hour. Theo continued to read his own book for most of the time although he also found a book about a dragon which he also read. Tristan sat with me and we read several books. He was asked to find a dinosaur themed story to take home which he did.

We had lunch at home rather than in the park as the boys were keen to get started on the next activity. 

Theo and Tristan built a model Tyrannosaurus. Theo had to read and interpret the instructions to build the model. He also explained to his brother what he needed to do. I was on hand to help with the difficult bits but I relied on Theo to tell me what I had to do. They did very well. Once it was finished Theo found some information about the T- Rex in one of our books and read it to Tristan. 

After an ice cream break and a visit to the park I asked them to locate anything in the house that could be used to make a dinosaur display. They loved this and arrived back at the table with armfuls of books, toys and teddies. Theo was bought a dinosaur play mat many years ago by his lovely Aunty and Uncle and this was used to form the backdrop for the display. They arranged dinosaur toys in the landscape and when they came across one that they could not name Theo looked up the information in a book. The display looks great and is an inspiring start to their historical journey.

Theo spent the rest of the afternoon playing the piano and violin. He then lay on the sofa and continued to read his book. Tristan played with some toys and completed his favourite jigsaw.

They had a quick dinner as the plan was that as soon as Paul arrived home we would all drive to the opticians which was open until 7pm to order new glasses for me. However the plan fell a part when I was unable to close the window in their bedroom. Paul had a look at the window when he got home and discovered that Tristan had stuffed lots of Lego into the locking mechanism. He had to get out the ladders and attempt to remove the articles from the outside. He was not a happy young man. It still would not open. The evening was spent on the phone to the insurance company which resulted in an emergency engineer arriving at our house at 11.30pm. He was able to fix the problem by removing the window and mending the mechanism inside.

It was not a pleasant end to the day. As I mentioned today was much better!

We went to the shops soon after waking as supplies had run rather low. We went to the library for an hour where Theo was asked to find a good book about Buddhism. He found three which he read through before deciding which to take home. He also sat and read various non fiction books. Tristan sat and read with me. 

When we returned home Theo read the newspaper and Tristan watered the garden while I made breakfast.

Theo continued reading during breakfast and for half an hour afterwards. He is utterly addicted to Harry Potter! I was about to get him started on some maths when I received a message on my phone from his violin teacher. He has passed his grade two violin exam with merit achieving 126 points. Theo and I were elated. It is superb news and we are so proud of him. He was a little upset that he just missed a distinction and that he thought he could have practiced lots more. I explained how fantastic he was for getting this great result on his own because unlike lots of other violin playing children we know neither Paul or I can play and can not help him. He took this on board and agreed that the result was brilliant.

We stopped working and went off to the park to celebrate. We had a picnic and a lots of fun.

In the afternoon we made paper Lotus flowers to continue with our theme in RE of Buddhism. Theo wrote about why the flowers are so important to Buddhists and what the various colours represent. He drew a lovely picture to support his work. The flowers look great and both boys enjoyed the activity.

His old school finished or the summer break today so I decided to let him have a relaxed afternoon. He chose to read his book which makes me a very happy mum.

Paul has gone out with his work colleges tonight which meant Tristan came to athletics with us tonight. He had a great time watching his brother running and did his best to join in. They both had a great time. Theo was very pleased because as the last member of his relay team tonight he managed to bring the team from last place to first place by running like 'The Flash'. It was wonderful to watch. 

A mother of a child that attends Theo's old school was telling me about how little work they have done in the last three weeks. She told me that she was 'very disappointed' that her daughter has been doing hardly any academic work and how her daughters maths has become very rusty. I have spoken to Theo and he is more than happy to continue to work over the summer break. I will reduce the quantity of work that he is set but I will ensure that his brain is stimulated so that he does not forget what he has learnt so far.

It was a good day and is drawing to a close in a much more relaxed fashion than yesterday did.

Prudence Clarke